Care International conference
7 to 8 November 2020
CME hours up to 68

Message from the Chairman

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it gives me a great pleasure to welcome you to the All Levels Trauma Care International Conference “ALTC” that will be held on 7-8 November 2020.

Organizing and arranging a conference during this pandemic is challenging and complex, particularly with travelling and mass gathering restrictions. This makes smart solutions, like 3D technology, a very attractive alternative.

Together, with prestigious regional and international organizations, we hope to bring the world trauma community together to discuss trauma care at different levels - from prehospital to rehabilitation.

This conference will provide a chance to share with the world’s experts, different aspects of trauma care using the 3D virtual platform. This platform will also provide opportunities for trauma communities to hold their regular meetings.

Special emphasis will be given to present and future trauma care, including evolution of artificial intelligence, modern cities, and simulation in trauma.

3D Virtual Technology will provide a chance to relish this unique experience by opening endless possibilities for reaching trauma care professionals globally at
the comfort of their home.

Thank you.

Saud Al Turki, MD, FRCS
Chief Executive Office
Academy of Sciences


Description of the Activity

  • This educational program is aimed towards all healthcare providers involved in the Trauma Management at different levels.
  • This activity will provide the healthcare professionals with knowledge and skills based on the recent developments, new updates, adaptability to changes, and chance for networking at a time of limitation in travel and confinement.
  • This activity is designed to engage with the known Trauma Care leaders and emphasis on recent innovations and challenges in the current Era, for a better patient awareness and outcome.
  • The activity will be given over 2 days with CME credits from Local, Regional and Internal bodies.

The Program Focuses on

  • Targeting a high number of participants, leaders and key pioneers in Trauma from around the globe
  • Utilizing the 3D approach for the first time on a big scale
  • Providing a General forum
  • Presenting a variety of topics and disciplines to choose from
  • Presenting a platform to exchange debates and ideas at a high level
  • Participating in the exhibition
  • Allowing accessibility between partners and professionals
  • Providing the opportunity to promulgate the internationally accredited courses in more countries
  • Proving accessibility to the whole trauma community at Global level.
  • Providing a chance to meet the Chairs and Key Leaders and schedule meetings, while at the convenience of their homes
  • Releasing a stronger message to the participants coming from all the disciplines


By the end of this activity, the participants will be able to:

  • Meet healthcare providers from different disciplines, and discuss all aspects of trauma care from prevention, pre-hospital care, disaster preparedness and management, emergency management, surgical intervention and trauma education.
  • Understand the current challenges and practices in trauma care in the background of Covid-19 epidemic, including preparedness efforts.
  • Enhance participants’ learning experience through the different workshops offered related to trauma care.

Organizing Committee

Dr. Ali Albarrati (KSA)

Dr. Abdallah Al zahrani (KSA)

Dr. Hassan Mashbari (KSA)

Dr. Yousef Alalawi (KSA)

Dr. Jalal Alowais (KSA)

HRH Princess Dr. Nouf Hassan Al Saoud (KSA)

Dr. Abdullah Al Hadhira (KSA)

Dr. Mohamad Bawazeer (KSA)

Dr. Jameel Abulenain (KSA)

Dr. Wail Tashkandi (KSA)

Dr. Anas Khan (KSA)

Scientific Committee

Dr. Renato Poggetti (Brazil)

Dr. Maria Jimenez (Colombia)

Dr. Abdallah AlHarthy (Oman)

Dr. Daniel Margulies (USA)

Dr. George Abi Saad (Lebanon)

Dr. Scott D’Amours (Australia)

Ms. Heidi Hotz (USA)

Dr. Abdulhakim Elkoly (Egypt)

Dr. Patrick Michael Reilly (USA)

Eng. Ali Alghamdi (KSA)

Dr. Wesam Talal Abuznadah (KSA)

Official Sponsors